Monday, June 8, 2009

[Guns N' Zombies] Available in the App Store!

Zombies are incoming. There's no safe place. Your mission is surviving as long as possible.
Gain cash for guns and ammunitions.
Realistic gun simulation will need your dexterity of fingers.
It's easy and addicting.


- Realistic gun simulation control.
- Zombie bloody mess.
- Online rankings.
- 8 unlockable guns with different abilities.
- Handgun, SMG, Shotgun and so on.
- We are making sniper rifles and more weapons for updates.
- User guide system.
- Stunning cartoony graphics.

Highly recommended for fans of zombie games and gun apps.


  1. Hello,
    I am a Youtube reviewer and I have 181 subscribers and I would like to review your app. If you can send me a few promo codes (some for giveaway) I would love to feature the app on my channel.
    Thank you,
    Nick Smith


  2. Hi,

    Well I bought this app and I love it, but there's one problem. I have a jailbroken iPhone and the only way this app will load successfully is if I boot into Safe Mode. If I'm not in safe mode, the app will bring up the loading screen....sit there for a few seconds and then crash back to the springboard.

    I reviewed the app on the app store and, unfortunately, gave it 1 star because of this. Lots of people have their iPhone jailbroken and all of my other apps work fine on my iPhone. I hope that you read this and update the app so it works on a jailbroken iPhone so I can give the app the 5 stars that it deserves.


  3. Patrick Thompson,

    We are checking the loading problem.
    If you give those informations, they'll help us.

    - Device Information : iPod Touch (1st gen? 2nd gen?), iPhone (2G? 3G?)
    - OS version & Available memory : Check out from Settings > General > About

  4. Sure,

    I have an iPhone 3g ver. 2.2.1 (5H11)

    I'm not sure if by memory you mean actual memory or harddrive space because the system memory can change and any given point, right? As of right now I have:

    Memory: 20 MB
    HD Space: 86 MB

    Thanks. I hope you get it fixed. Let me know if you need anything else.

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  6. Any update on the update? I now have iPhone ver. 3.0 and the app still doesn't load properly

  7. We submitted v1.2 to Apple. (It's in review. Apple is too late. :( ).
    And we found the cause of loading problems.
    The problem will be fixed in ver 1.3.

  8. Hi I'm applereviewer7 from youtube and i would like to now if your company would be able to give a sample of one of your apps So that i can review them on youtube and also is i could have some promo codes to giveaway to my viewer's Thanks

    Name : Dustin D Gleaton



    Age 15