Monday, June 29, 2009

[Guns N' Zombies] V1.1 Update Coming Soon

Guns N' Zombies V1.1(new) update was submitted to Apple a few days ago.


- Fixed loading crashes.
- Extremely improved responses.
- Added a bolt action rifle.(It has a piercing ability.)
- Balanced prices of guns.
- Balanced gameplay.
- Moved pause button.
- Added the reloading guides of shotguns.
- Changed the app icon.
- Shortened loading time.
- Fixed some minor issues.
- Changed background music.


  1. The update came out yesterday and I have to say the new icon is awesome! The new gun is also really good.

    I'd like to see a couple of other things added or changed in the game:

    - Completely change the look of the zombies, at the moment they look like frogs. Redesign what they look like and their animation.

    - Change the background and the person so they look less washed out. Make them vivid with brighter, more interesting colours.

    - Add more weapons (which I know you will). I'd like to see things like a flame thrower, a rocket launcher, a revolver, grenades and a chainsaw.

    - An option to turn off sound or music.

    I look forward to (hopefully) seeing these added in future updates.


  2. Thank you. Tom.

    We're considering those feedbacks.
    We'll make efforts to improve the game.