Monday, July 6, 2009

[Guns N' Zombies] V1.1 Now Available.

Guns N' Zombies V1.1 Update Now Available.
Apple is working :)


- Fixed loading crashes.
- Extremely improved responses.
- Added a bolt action rifle.(It has a piercing ability.)
- Balanced prices of guns.
- Balanced gameplay.
- Moved pause button.
- Added the reloading guides of shotguns.
- Changed the app icon.
- Shortened loading time.
- Fixed some minor issues.
- Changed background music.


  1. Hey you guys!

    Well I'm a HUGE fan of Guns N' Zombies and I have a few suggestion you guys might want to add to this AWESOME application.

    1. More guns, and misions. (Don't really care about this one)

    2. Health packs and Powerups. Let there be an option to turn on or off if on it cancels Online rankings. You can buy health and power ups should be like To reload automaticly and fast, one shot one kill, and 99 bullets. The power ups are rare and random. (Kind of care for this suggestion)

    3. MULTIPLAYER!!! Team up with 2 other players and kill as many zombies. Online ranking such as Noob, Novice, Undead Killer, Zombie Murder, Zombie Nightmare, Zombie King, Zombie God or something like that. (Really want this update!!)

    Thanks for listening.

  2. Hello Miguel.

    Thank you for good suggestions.
    Yes, we're planning for a huge update.

  3. Hi,
    I love this app, and I have a few suggestions..
    1. Have time inbetween waves to prepare
    2. Difficulty levels ie. Easy normal hard. Have less time to prepare on each level of difficulty
    3. More guns such as Famas, G36, SCAR would be awesome!
    4. As Miguel said, I would love to be able to have short lived special abilities and to be able to get health! This would be awesome!!!!
    5. And finally... More levels!! Mabey unlock levels by completing challenges?
    Thanks for reading this, and I hope this app is a huge succes!

  4. Hello, Dillon.

    More guns and powerups are good.
    We're working more contents.
    Guns N' Zombies will have more lasting appeals.

    Thank you for suggestions.
    If you have other suggetions, let us know, please.

  5. Can you plz male a gun app with guns FROM GZN let me know what you think

  6. I agree with fangsox, I would love to see a more detalied gun app with more guns, however continue with GNZ!

  7. I think my idea If you go with it and add to it I think it could be in the top ten on itune app store

  8. Hi,

    I have posted my review of Guns N' Zombies on the Touch Arcade Forums here. I've also put a few comments on improvements in the main thread here.


    Tom aka Palfince

  9. Thank you for all feedbacks.
    Thank you, Tom.

    Yes, Our kermit the frog-zombie will be changed. XD